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Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Determine your eligibility

The first thing a person needs to do to obtain a medical marijuana card is see if they qualify for one. There are three main criteria all people must prove before a doctor can issue a recommendation. A person must be 18 years of age or older along with identifying documents like a passport or state ID.

The final requirement is a legitimate, qualifying medical condition in the state you are applying to. Each state has its own list of conditions that qualify a patient for medical marijuana. Common conditions include (but aren't limited to): chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, nausea, muscle spasms, seizures and PTSD.

Check out a 420 doctor

People often wonder if using an online 420 doctor like NuggMD is legit. Nobody wants to give their medical data to someone that might abuse it. But NuggMD uses certified California doctors to provide consultations and answer questions quickly.

You can chat online with a certified professional before signing up for anything on NuggMD. Their doctors and physician assistants guide you through the process and help make it less intimidating. Their purpose is to answer questions and provide relevant information for you to understand what comes next and how to handle it.

NuggMD patients can log on to the site with a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Once on, they can have face-to-face or phone evaluations within minutes. Traditional doctors often schedule days or weeks out. After getting your recommendation in minutes, you will realize that is NuggMD real and easy to use.

Fill out the application

Once you decide to go with Nuggmd, there is a brief medical evaluation to complete. This form is just like those used at traditional doctors' offices. It asks for info like name, birth date, address, specific health history and treatments. This can take a bit of time to complete if you have a long medical history but most people can get through it in a few minutes.

There is also the option to upload official medical records from a primary physician.

Although this isn't required, patients with a complicated history may find it helps the 420 doctor make a more informed diagnosis.

Nuggmd keeps this information completely confidential and HIPPA compliant. So it will never be found in a public record or database.

After uploading your medical history and records, you'll need to upload a photo of your ID. The ID can be a license or passport issued by any US state. A NuggMD recommendation is only accepted in California but patients can be from any state in the union. You can also choose to get a physical medical cannabis ID card and upload an image to use at this time.

Talk to the Doc

Once your history is uploaded and your identity confirmed, you will need to meet with one of NuggMD's certified 420 doctor. This caring professional will evaluate your situation via live video an 10 minutes or less. During the consultation, you'll discuss your current condition/s, medical history and what medical marijuana can do for you.

Doctors can be intimidating and some people even find them frightening. But the friendly physicians are approachable and make people feel as comfortable as possible. As soon as the consultation is over, you will receive a temporary PDF recommendation through e-mail. NuggMD's online cannabis delivery marketplace accepts the PDF version and gives NuggMD customers a $20 credit on their first order.

Two to three days later the official signed and sealed recommendation letter should arrive. The document should show your name, patient identification number, expiration date and be signed by the doctor. An embossed seal completes the official look and provides a tactile element expected by most dispensaries.

Decide how to get the card

A medical recommendation alone allows patients to purchase medical cannabis from any dispensary or club in California. But people with a valid recommend can also enroll in the California’s Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP). So you'll never worry if online medical marijuana cards are legit again.

There is no real difference between a laminated medical marijuana card and a doctor's recommend. But the card is a more convenient and durable version of the recommendation that fits perfectly into a wallet or purse. Patients can get their cards issued by the state, a doctors office or from an online evaluator.

NuggMD offers a medical cannabis card as part of their payment packages selected before submitting payment information. There is no legal difference between the card and a letter in regards to legally accessing dispensaries. Patients that hit up the dispensary weekly may find the card's improved durability a better option over the long run.

Enjoy the benefits

Once you have a doctor's recommendation or NuggMD card in hand, you can legally purchase medical cannabis from any dispensary in California. You can also access any online ordering sites like Getnugg.com and have NuggMD delivery right to your door. Online dispensaries offer great prices and free shipping on certain orders over a certain dollar amount.

Never forget that possession limits vary from city to city and county to county. California state allows patients as much cannabis as needed for treatment. Recreational users can also grow up to 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants while medical patients can grow enough to satisfy their medical needs.

Despite California law declaring marijuana legal, it is still prohibited by the federal government. California residents can still be arrested and prosecuted for mass possession, sale or cultivation of marijuana. Federal prosecutors insist they won't pursue individual patients but they retain the ability to make exceptions for larger offenders.

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