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ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com Review

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Online Shopping is Tricky

Online seed stores are becoming a staple of the marijuana industry. But seed companies are not created equal. Some companies offer substandard seeds or refuse to honor their promises while others hold themselves to the highest standards possible. It can be costly to discover that the company you planned to purchase seeds from is actually a scam.

As more and more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, producers need to find the highest quality genetics at a reasonable price.

There will always be people trying to cheat you out of your hard-earned money and time. But the community is quick to call out bad actors and it doesn't take long for the unscrupulous con men to get sent packing.

It takes a leap of faith to take a company at face value, especially if it is internationally based. But the nature of the internet makes it easier to determine the quality of products with a little additional research. The extra time spent researching a company pays off quickly and ensures you get what you anticipate.

But The Benefits are Substantial

One of the best parts of online shopping is the convenience. You can browse the entire seed catalog in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Comparing and contrasting the individual strains and seed options at the swipe of a finger is about as convenient as it gets.

In addition to convenience, there is also the benefit of increased options. Physical locations have to stock product but need to maintain accessibility which limits how much they can keep on hand at any given moment. Online distributors like ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com can stock entire warehouses full of every strain imaginable without a second thought.

Online distributors can also keep rare or unpopular seeds in their catalog without issue. Physical locations generally prioritize popularity over quality or diversity. This limits what customers can access and ensures that unpopular or unknown strains get removed from their lists.

ILGM Has a Long History

Robert Bergman started ILGM after working in the Amsterdam cannabis scene for over 20 years. He worked with everyone from small closet growers to massive industrial grows before opening the site. But after two decades in the industry, he realized there was a severe lack of quality information and resources online.

So Bergman decided to be the change he wanted to see. He gathered the best growers and distributors in Amsterdam and explained how he wanted to revolutionize the marijuana seed trade. Although he had his fair share of detractors, his long history and deep knowledge of the industry proved irresistible. In addition to offering the highest quality seeds possible, Bergman understood that many of his clients needed additional information and advice.

So ILGM became more than just another seed company. Bergman worked with video creators, writers and other industry professionals to create a complete growing ecosystem. In addition to the seeds, ILGM also offers a wide range of products and services including the Marijuana Grow Bible, guides and consulting.

The Cheapest Seeds and Best Information

In order to offer quality seeds as cheaply as possible, ILGM produces all their own seeds. This means that they have intimate experience with every strain and seed that bears their name. Unlike many other online distributors, the people at ILGM know every element of their product and are willing to share.

The Marijuana Grow Bible is an amazing resource that ILGM offers for free to clients. It covers everything from germinating seeds all the way to curing and storing the finished product. The MGB is designed to help brand new growers avoid many of the problems and traps of growing. But even advanced growers find value in this well-written and information packed growing guide.

ILGM also has a massive list of videos and other resources available online for free. These videos show the entire process and offer helpful tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of every seed. Some focus on specific strains while others cover techniques or common issues. Their blogs add even more information to the pile in a concise and approachable way that makes them a pleasure to read.

Service is More Than Resources

But Berman and the ILGM team don't stop at simply offering great seeds and info. They built the company with a focus on the customer. Everything from the secure and discreet payment methods to the actual people they have performing customer support is designed to help their customers achieve the best results possible.

The international status of marijuana means that ensuring anonymity is important. ILGM understands this and takes additional steps to ensure client data remains secure. They accept everything from credit cards or bank transfer to cash and even Bitcoin in order to allow maximum security. Purchases are discreetly packaged and shipped so not even your nosy neighbor will know what you are getting.

Timely delivery is also another major selling point. Nobody wants to wait months for their seeds to arrive. Commercial growers often need their orders as soon as possible so quick turnaround is a key part of ILGM's service. 5-25 days after ordering, your package will arrive almost anywhere in the world.

Nobody is Perfect

Despite their best efforts, bad things do still happen. Some people experience delays in their orders or get the wrong product. But unlike many other seed sellers, ILGM takes these issues very seriously. If there is ever an issue with your order, the support staff goes out of their way to make things right. If your order doesn't arrive or the seeds don't germinate, they replace the product at no cost to clients.

Additionally, their forums offer quality information on every stage of growing. These guys are consummate professionals looking to help people grow the best weed possible. They know their way around a plant and want to help you become the best producer you possibly can. If you give them a chance, you will see why so many professional and novice growers choose ILGM as their source for cannabis seeds.

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