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Everything You Need To Know About Online Weed Delivery

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

The internet revolutionizes industries daily and opens up new markets that never existed before. The ability to access stores from anywhere in the world at a moment's notice is entirely new. This unprecedented access means that consumers are better educated than ever. It also means that online customers won't put up with extra hurdles or a poorly designed interface.

Online weed delivery is one of the biggest new markets to open up. While most cannabis products can't be found on big sites like Amazon, there are a number of other sites that specialize in providing people with the product they need. Because of this, the online weed delivery market is undergoing amazing growth year over year.

It takes passion and great products to impress today's educated consumers. But it also takes innovation and a high level of professionalism to do well. Providing quality guarantees with products like edibles and flower is costly and hard for many companies to provide. That hasn't stopped a growing number of sites from offering these guarantees.

Delivery is Just an Evolution of E-commerce

Amazon primarily sold books until they decided to focus on building other product categories. Fast forward to today and they are arguably the biggest retailer in the world. Offering almost anything under the sun, Amazon offers prices that entice even the most avid local shopper.

As more and more places legalize marijuana, the need for online weed delivery services grows. Especially in densely populated areas like California. Online weed delivery in Los Angeles ensures everyone has access to dispensaries without having to stand in line for hours at a time.

But keeping online sites updated and user friendly is a feat in and of itself. Especially if there are millions of potential users all accessing the same products from around the world. Online weed delivery in California alone is difficult enough that companies often need to set boundaries for their delivered to the door services.

Securing Data is Important

Modern online companies have to take every precaution and stay proactive with server security. Databases and websites are under constant threat from rogue hackers and state actors looking for information. Encrypted connections, confidential databases, reliable delivery methods, and quality controls all have to be in place and regularly updated.

Information sharing is a common way for companies to earn a little extra money. Most big companies like Facebook, Youtube and Amazon make you agree to let them sell your data. Nobody likes this practice and many people refuse to use services simply because they share data. Even so, online weed delivery services should never disclose your private information to third parties.

Quality online distributors understand how important it is to keep your data secure. So they hire entire teams of people to ensure the encryption methods and underlying code in the website remain secure and safe to use. Checking the security certificates is a great way to know what kind of protection a given service provides their customers.

Selection is Amazing

Many people worry about the quality and selection of online marijuana delivery companies. But the best online providers offer everything from flower to distillates and concentrates along with a wide selection of edibles. They also provide a variety of quality and pricing levels to meet every consumers needs.

Online dispensaries also tend to have a wider selection than physical locations. By using a digital storefront, these businesses avoid commercial licensing costs. They also provide a convenient way for dispensaries to serve a wider customer base. These benefits all add up to a significant savings on production costs that get passed on to the customers in the form of lower prices.

Online weed delivery services have access to all the same products traditional dispensaries do. Low volume items like THC and CBD topicals or gourmet edibles are hard for traditional dispensaries to offer. Online outlets can stock a surprising variety with little issue so they tend to have a larger variety of options than traditional brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

Ordering Online is Easy and Safe

When you place an online order, it starts a chain reaction of events. The company should send a confirmation email including the details of your order. This provides you with a record of when, how and how much you obtained. It also provides an estimated time of arrival so you will know when to expect your product.

Some services also offer tracking services via text or app. These apps show the driver's ETA and their route to help you secure your delivery. The convenience mean you won't be forced to wait by the door all day for your delivery. Once the product arrives, you can sit back and medicate in peace.

Online delivery is also a great option for people who struggle with mobility. The quick delivery time and ease of access means that even home-bound people can access the same selection and quality as anyone else. Patients can take their time going over each option without the pressure of having others wait for you to finish.

The Real Kicker is Price

The cold hard truth is that price is a major factor when it comes time to make your marijuana purchase. Online marijuana delivery in LA is generally going to be more expensive than delivery in surrounding areas. But it may still be cheaper than actually going to a physical location to pick up product.

In addition to higher sticker prices, consumers also have to think about the other costs that come with picking up weed yourself. Get stuck in minor traffic once or twice and the average fuel costs can skyrocket. Oh, and don't forget to stop by the bank and grab a wad of cash because brick-and-mortar locations don't take anything else.

Then there is the issue of time and how to spend it. Driving from wherever you are to the closest dispensary just to wait in the lobby for someone else to get done is a hassle online shoppers don't have to deal with. If you happen to live in a town with a moratorium against weed shops, you may even have to travel 40 or more miles to find the closest place. This makes online weed delivery sites a real boon to just about every consumer.

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