You’ll need a few things to get an MMJ Card. The first thing that you’ll need, obviously, is residency in a state where medical marijuana is legal. There are 23 of them, ranging all across the country from Alaska to Maine, with Washington and Colorado having legalized marijuana outright. Next, you’ll need a prescription. The signup process differs from state to state, with fees ranging from $15 - $150 for the issuance of an MMJ “green card,” though no matter where you live, you’ll absolutely need a note from your doctor. Getting the recommendation takes three main steps.


Regardless of where you get your MMJ card, you will need to fill  out a questionnaire. This will help the doctor establish a medical diagnosis and alert them to any potential conflicts that could prevent a recommendation.


Many states allow for patients to obtain a medical marijuana card online. But they all require evaluation by a doctor before the card is issued. Remember that the doctors are there to ask and answer questions so take advantage of it.


Once the doctor evaluates you and signs off, the only thing left is delivery. Most online sites offer instant digital downloads as the physical copy is mailed out. Some even ship out physical copies the same day.


I'm sorry, did I say your doctor? I meant to say a doctor. Except for in Hawaii and Oregon, the recommendation does not necessarily have to come from your primary care physician. It can come from any doctor that feels cannabis could treat a condition you have.

Proposition 215 established new rules to help patients obtain MMJ cards. This helped stimulate an explosion of prop 215 compliant businesses. But with thousands of services and storefronts available, which do you choose? Thankfully there are websites for this sort of thing nowadays.​ Below is a list of places to get a recommendation online.



NuggMD is a 100% online legit way to obtain an MMJ card and become a medical patient in California. It’s easy and fast with you getting the medical card the same day. Sit on your couch, answer some questions and video-chat with a doctor. Then go out and order your weed. They are online so paperwork processes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NuggMD is great because experienced specialists are available for a live video consultations 7 days a week, although they are only on from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM. No Locations but serves New York and California



This is by far the cleanest office in the LA area. There was no long wait and the staff was extremely professional. Within minutes patients are talking to a real doctor and receiving legitimate medical advice. The clinic is clean and nice but even more than that it is FAST. forget the usual 2-3 hour wait in a dirty atmosphere - this place is twenty minutes start to finish. They are a little more expensive but isn't your time worth that?

Los Angeles, CA

1133 S. Vermont Ave. #16
Los Angeles, CA, 90006

Phone:  (213) 384-9333
Fax:  (213) 384-9334

Office hours:
Mon. – Sat.: 11am – 7pm
Sun.: 11am – 6pm

North Hills, CA

8925 Sepulveda Blvd. #207
North Hills, CA 91343

Phone:  (818) 891-0180
Fax:  (818) 830-7586

Office hours:
Mon. – Sat.: 11am – 7pm
Sun.: 11am – 6pm



The company has been around since 2014 and is one of the first of its kind. HelloMD is very popular on Reddit and has posts dating back before similar services. Despite its long history, recent reports suggest the company may be facing some uphill battles. They have repeatedly failed to raise funds to expand their operations. But that hasn’t stopped Pamela Hadfield from taking the company she founded in a new direction. That new direction is now being touted as the ‘Quora for cannabis.’

Offices in San Francisco but serves California


MMJ Doctor Online

Unlike NuggMD, this site does not require interaction with a doctor. Whether via phone, Skype or some other audio/video based platform, the patient normally must connect with the certified physician. This allows patients to explain their conditions and case in detail. After assessing the symptoms and severity of the condition, the doctor will then authorize a medical weed card. Because California law require a patient-doctor interaction, many recommendations from this site are deemed invalid. A key to the controversy reinforces the need to beware any service. Especially ones that do not require a visual interaction between patient and doctor BEFORE issuing a license.

$49-$150 year

The California Medical Board has done the unprecedented. They declared that 420 MD is a front for an international criminal organization with roots in Eastern Europe. That makes getting a recommendation from them tricky. 420 is only one of several "prescription mill" operations investigated by the California Medical Board. The Board found several such operations associated with criminal elements from the "eastern bloc" in the last 5 years. Investigator Ralph Hughes warns all patients to avoid operations that don't involve meeting with a state licensed doctor.

420 MD in Berkeley

2588 Telegraph Ave

Berkeley, CA 94704.


420 MD Oakland 

2633 Telegraph Ave. Ste.109

Oakland, CA 94612.


420Evaluations Online

Similar to in that the card is most likely invalid. There are many operations that mimic legitimate websites to take advantage of people. These scam artists masquerade as cheap and easy ways to skirt the law, but their actions often result in patients getting hurt. This operation promises qualification without actually meeting a doctor. If any service does not require you to meet with a real doctor, it is a scam. Providing them any information including name, address, banking info or email can lead to serious problems for you down the road.


$49-$150 year

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