There really hasn't been a safe place to buy medical and recreational marijuana online until now. States where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon, California, and Alaska are our main stomping ground. These are the locations where the medical marijuana industry has become the most competitive but also where the laws allow for adult recreational consumption. We are working hard to help the legal cannabis industry advance into the digital age.


Buy Weed Online is making weed easily accessible to consumers in states where it is legal.  As weed legalization spreads, more people will need to buy weed from a store. In some states, they even allow customers to order weed online! If you consume weed and its paraphernalia, we have what you are looking for. We specialize in cutting out the “middle man" and are revolutionizing our industry just like Uber and Airbnb did theirs!


We are based in Humboldt, California, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. We have a history of working with the greatest plant on earth unlike anywhere else in America. Growers have been cultivating cannabis here in Humboldt en mass since the 1960's (during San Francisco's Summer of Love). Cannabis is in our veins and we are working to bring the industry into the digital age.



We are revolutionizing how people buy weed and edibles online. Our online shopping portal does more than just connect you to weed, it turns weed acquisition into a social experience. Buying weed should be more than a chore, it should be enjoyable. We want show people just how easy and simple shopping online for marijuana really is. That's why we provide an experience where everything is just as you would expect it and delivered with a smile.

We have designed the shopping experience to cover all the bases including helpful staff with a deep knowledge base on everything related to growing, buying, legalization monitoring and even providing recommendations on leading dispensaries. If you have a question or just need some direction, we can help.



Our website is more than just easy on the eyes. We take security very seriously and work ceaselessly to make sure your data is safe. We work with industry leaders in digital protection to provide the safest and most reliable way for people to buy weed online. We are showing the world what a safe and reliable portal can be while still being easy to access and navigate. Not to mention the huge selection of growing and consumption products we have available for everyone from the casual cultivator to the cannabis connoisseur. We are talking everything from connecting you to a legal weed dealer to finding elusive genetics to growing equipment. If it is made for marijuana, buy weed online. We are pushing the envelope and creating new ways for people to obtain legal weed in safe and convenient ways. We pride ourselves on the superior customer service we provide to our customers with any questions or concerns you may have through every step of the process. We put the customer first and take pride in our many repeat, lifelong customers and the relationships we have developed along the way.


Not only do we provide friendly and reliable services to our customers, we know the best suppliers to buy from for everything from consumables like pot infused edibles to seeds. We have spent years cultivating the relationships needed to provide the highest quality products to our customers and take pride in offering the very best in online weed sales.

Our database includes all the legal dispensaries, weed seed shops, smoking gear shops, growing gear shops and curriers near you along with powerful tools that help you hone in on the perfect strain or service. We have worked hard to ensure our database has nothing but legal, top quality producers and service providers.


Our database is more than a list to scroll through, it is an amalgamation of decades of experience. It is a dedication to the effort and dedication of hundreds of people that have worked together to provide the very best in online shopping. Part of that user experience is the deep level of expertise our producers bring to the table. They are professionals in every way and are able to keep up with the hectic demands of modern business. The extensive growing experience our producers contribute is only one part of why Buy Weed Online is the best site on the net. Our team of online marketers and creative designers are bringing their extensive experience to the emerging recreational marijuana market in style.


People only have a limited amount of time. They need a service that is easy to use and quick to perform. Buy Weed Online is providing that service and the community is growing. We are on our way to becoming the primary go-to portal for US residents – in legal states only – for all their pot needs. With how easy our portal is to navigate, it makes the process of buying weed online hassle-free and that's the way we like it. As we continue to push into the new era of weed legalization, Buy Weed Online is dedicated to continue providing the outstanding customer support and broad range of services to the cannabis community. We love it when our users tell their friends about how easy we make buying weed related items. As more and more states join the Green Revolution, we look forward to continuing our outstanding track record of providing the very best online weed buying experience there is.